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    Easter Carol

    verse 1

    Cheer up, friends and neighbors, now it's Easter tide
    Stop from endless labors worries put aside
    Men should rise from sadness evil folly strife
    When god's mighty gladness brings the earth to life.

    verse 2

    Out from snowdrifts chilly,
    Roused from drowsy hours,
    Bluebell wakes, and lily;
    God calls up the flowers!
    Into life he raises
    All the sleeping buds;
    Meadows weave his praises,
    And the spangled woods.

    verse 3

    All his truth and beauty,
    All his righteousness,
    Are our joy and duty,
    Bearing his impress:
    Look! The earth waits breathless
    After Winter's strift:
    Easter shows man deathless,
    Spring leads death to life.

    Verse 4

    Ours the more and less is;
    But, changeless all the days,
    God revives and blesses,
    Like the sunlight rays.
    'All mankind is risen,'
    The Easter bells do ring,
    While from out their prison
    Creep the flowers of Spring!

    French Tune